KitsuSaga Watermoon F

The Watermoon Style specializes in ice skills and medical techniques. They often form the backbone of a successful team.

Their school is well-known for its Palm Skills and their attacks with Melee Weapons can freeze and even knock back foes.

Their attacks and containment skills are sufficent for solo combat. In addition, their medical treatment skills are one of the specialities of the Watermoon Style. Their unique skill [Flag Formation] can even help the party strengthen its combat endurance.

For those interested in healing and party support; the Watermoon Style has a lot to offer!

The Watermoon Style can imbue their attacks with the power of ice. Their specialities lie in powerful healing techniques and skills that strengthen teammates' combat ability.

Main Weapons: Melee Weapons

Suggested Growths: Mystic/Ward

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