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Kitsu Saga Wiki is a collaborative website about our new and favorite Aeria game Kitsu Saga that anyone can edit! Please help to keep it as updated and accurate as possible. THANK YOU!


Latest Patch

CLOSED BETA is officially over!!!! It was very short and I wish it were longer...SADNESS!!!

But, soon we will have open beta!!!! Isn't that exciting!! So, time to pull this wiki together, huh? lol.

Last Patch: October 13, 2010 [1]:

  • Open Beta Begins!
  • Newbie Tutorials added
  • Battlefield fixed
  • Localization updates

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Screenshot from Aeria Games

Helping Out

Like every Wiki, the Kitsu Saga Wiki needs your help! Every bit of contribution is appreciated! You can help by:

  • Expanding our stubs pages
  • Creating our wanted articles
  • Uploading images
  • Improving our current ones (as no article is perfect)
  • Proofreading
  • Double-checking if anything shows up correctly

We have several Templates to be used for our articles, although most are still under revision as they will be modified for easier reading and editing.

If you are unsure how to edit but wish to provide data, you can head over the Forum or leave a message by clicking on the Discussion tab on the top right of the article. You can always go to our Community Portal if you want to learn to edit.

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